Monday, April 13, 2009

Jekyll Island!!!!!!!!

Virginia, Peri, Kday
Rachels in the corner next to Carnita, and Kdays hand is in there and then Peru and Virginia!

Me and Sarah




Gaby and Bliss!

Drew C. and COLE!

Gillian, Amanda, Annie and Bradleigh

Turtles Unite!

Holding Fishies!

Halle and Carnita! (Rachel)

Peri and Virginia

Peri, Brittany, Rachel, Sarah Beth, and Matthew has the Hood On!

Cole O. (different Cole), Cannon, Annie, Gaby, Gillian, Julia, Mr. C, Bliss, Emma, Unknown

Matthew, Sam, Ammie, Emma, Julia, Gaby,Bliss

Forest Game

Bliss, Gaby, Emma, Julia, Gillian, and Annie


Ryan F., JP, Ian, Kam, Harrison J., and Eli
I picked it cuz it looks like a mug shot! HAHA!

George, Jack, Willie P./Care Bear/ William Pahl, Brent, Matthew
I picked it cuz 4 of my friends that I know of have a crush on matthew and idk who to help!

My Buds!!!!!!

My Buds!

Harrison J., Bob, Matthew M., Katherine Day, Annie, Emma, Amanda, Me

Top: Gillian, Emma, Julia, Sarah Beth, Bliss, Gaby
Bottom: Bradleigh, Amanda, Annie

David, Melanie, Matthew, Lizzie

Me, Kday, People's arms

Ryan, Sarah, Julia

Emma, Jeff

Learning about turtles

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